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Worst challenge so far

April 2, 2013

A month ago, I had a really hard time. I had just had a week of vacation from my day job, trying to focus on my design studies – especially drawing. But I struggled big time with drawing, and procrastination had become a major problem for me. I could no longer stand it – something had to be done. Could I go on demanding more from myself than I was able to deliver? Or could I deliver more than I was doing? And the hardest question – which I had to ask myself: Are you really passionate about something if you procrastinate to avoid it?

So I decided to start really planning and logging my time again. I had stopped because I felt doing it both at work and at home was putting too much pressure on me. But I realized that I had been wrong. Plan, act, review, change. I needed balance between all of them. Managing my expectations – and having a list of tasks to change between was chosen as my weapon to fight procrastination and drive me on.

It has worked. Yes, I am still struggling and I am still frustrated by not having come as far as I had hoped. But I have worked hard to overcome one of my greatest challenges and it is actually working! So, yes, I am still incredibly passionate about my project, it was my approach that was at fault.


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