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Finally an update!

September 16, 2012

I figured that since this blog is actually listed as my home page, I had better update it! And yes, my project is still very much alive. It is just that I have been focused on basic skills like 3D modeling and lately drawing, and therefore not had much to post. And in july I was involved in making a promotional visual effects shot, both on the technical and artistic side. Very much looking forward to sharing that!

I could of course not keep my hands off the yacht design projects either, so I have done quite some work on one of the Jay Benford designs. My idea is to try and combine the classic american trawler yacht with contemporary design features. Stay tuned!

Last weekend I spent two days at Norway’s largest boat show. I was able to go aboard and see fantastic trawler yachts like the Fleming 55 and Integrity Trawlers ce526. I truly see why the Flemings finish is so legendary. And the Integrity Trawler was designed very much to my liking, with mid cabin and asymmetric superstructure for added interior space. Other highlights were the new Princess V39 (and  P50) and 4 Rivas! 2 Iseos, one with the canopy up, 1 Aquariva, and 1 Rivarama. No wonder I spent two days there.

At the boat show, I also got to check out something else. The Linssen Grand Sturdy 40.9. We are likely to charter one of these next year, as designing something demands some practical experience as well. First of all I need some tuition – so thursday september 27th I fly to Vancouver, Canada to attend this course with Cooper Boating. Why go all the way over there? Because it’s exciting!


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