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The below text is still correct except I am now a full time student again! Read more over at – I will try to connect these blogs one day. The projects you see in here were very important in moving me in the right direction:)


My name is Truls Ottesen Johansen. I live in Trondheim, Norway, with my love Julie. I work with Business Intelligence and implementing LEAN IT in Norway’s largest bank, DNB. Julie and DNB both help enable me to keep studying drawing, visualization, and yacht design. Through their understanding and support, this project moves forward!

  1. Craig permalink

    Love your modelling efforts and it was the Jay Benford trawler of yours that caught my eye. Well done. I started a couple of years ago in Rhino3D trying a similar thing but without any guidance and go nowhere near the quality you’ve reached.


    • Hi Craig,

      Thanks so much for your compliments! I really did put a lot of effort into the Benford trawler to make sure I had smooth transitions between all the surfaces – sort of like filler or gelcoat. In retrospect I think it was of little use for visualization, but good modelling excercise. I modelled it in 3DSMAX, and I had the help of subdivision surface modelling tutorials, as well as getting tips from my friend who works in vfx/animation.

      The Benford trawler project was started to see if I could “modernize” the internal layout with things like a full beam mid cabin and an aft galley in the saloon. The project then ended when I realized that no, I would have it exactly as Benford himself had envisaged:) But through this and the MV Julie project I eventually came to a life changing realization – I had to become a designer! I have continued blogging about this (but no 3d modelling yet) over at and I will “connect” the blogs if possible.

      I will be happy to share the 3D model file with you if you’d like to dissect it. Drop me a note and I will try to get it cleaned up a bit sometime near the end of next week. It is for 3D Studio MAX, but if you are a student autodesk will let you use that for free. Rhino is a good choice though – it is used by professional yacht designers for the accuracy it provides.



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