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MV Julie – what a cool project it was!

September 13, 2015

My drive to do this project became something bigger and better – a drive to really change my life and finally fulfill my desire to learn and train my aesthetics and design abilities full time. After a hefty and demanding management job was completed I grabbed the opportunity to go back to university, and so I became an industrial design student. In the process, however, 3D modelling and other technical disciplines have lost a bit of their appeal to me as anything other than tools.

Over the last year I have gotten to know some really interesting players in the yacht industry, while travelling to some great yacht shows and a few interesting yards/production facilities. The level of skill and ingenuity I have seen has led to an admiration that makes a project of the MV Julie scale much less meaningful as a solo excercise for me. Now I feel more like doing shorter, more exploratory boat projects. And the main priority has become my studies, with the full and broad exploration of industrial design and aesthetics they are enabling me to do. The scope of possibilities is endless, and so it doesn’t make sense anymore to focus 100% on yachts.

BUT – yachts are still my favourite design objects, they still give me so much inspiration, and I still love that I started this project back in the early 2010s – I definitely would not have been where I am today without it. This fall I am trying to consolidate and build a stronger, more frequent online presence, I hope to maybe visualize the connection – the red line – better by including this projects as a separate project at

Let’s talk about boats, let’s talk about aesthetics, and let’s talk about what design really is and what it can enable! You can find me at and!


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