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MV Julie features


There was something about my original list of compartments and features that more than a year of studying yacht layouts have helped me realize. A year ago, I wanted to design a yacht that was everything at once – cinema, library, pub, office, garage, etc. Many of the unpublished doodles and explorations from back then took interesting approaches at achieving all of this – and it might have succeeded. But now I realize that a big yacht with many small compartments is in many ways no more exciting than many small yachts added together – interior-wise.

I want something more. I want something special. So the challenge of fulfilling all these functions within a “restraint” of 50M does not now appeal to me as much as the challenge of creating a grand atmosphere. To accomplish that, I need a host of skills and tools. One of those tools is space. Space applied selectively.

The old list

Because I still like the old list – here it is:

Compartments include:

  • 2 full width double cabins on main deck
  • 2 oblong double cabins on lower deck, one port and one starboard
  • 1 romantic and relatively small bow cabin in forecastle, possibly across two decks!
  • Captains cabin right next to the bridge, possibly with direct access
  • 50 sqm salon with multiple sofa lounges aft on upper deck
  • Separate dining room midships on upper deck
  • Office area fore on upper deck
  • Good old brown english pub on main deck!
  • Large 1.5 deck owners library in forecastle
  • Storage for Smart ForTwo and perhaps water scooters aft on lower deck, with workshop on main deck

Features include:

  • 1.5 ton crane to service aft storage and workshop, mounted on sun deck.
  • Whirlpool aft on upper deck
  • Traditional davit hung boats on upper deck. Probably one fast boat and one electric boat for calm cruising
  • Bulbuous bow for better economy at cruise speed – I would want to go on longer cruises.
  • Decorative funnel is actuall partly the top of an elevator through all decks

Might include, if feasible:

  • One of the full width cabins might have a conversion kit to make it into a multi seat office area
  • Small cinema, probably in fore part of lower deck
  • Water scooter door/bathing platform aft

All I can say is stay tuned! Deck plans will of course be uploaded.

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