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Step back, evaluate, change direction

May 30, 2013

After the last post I fixed up the images a bit. Scanning, removing unecessary lines and correcting some of the worst mistakes. I took a few days off from the exterior design, starting to work on the interior instead. When I got back to the exterior, I decided it had some dull spots, particularly around the pilothouse. The pilothouse windscreen looked too detached from the rest of the yacht, like I had slapped the windscreen of a sportscruiser on top of a classic yacht.
I spent some time researching potential looks, and made a new “base” for the front perspective to go from. Here is the cleaned up rear perspective and new front perspective base.


To spice up the design, I did quite a few side view sketches. Here is one:


And based on this, I tried to find a solution for the front of the pilothouse. Not happy with any of these really. Just sketches, trying different things, for example the misplaced locker doors in the second sketch.


Funny that the name “LEAN” was the first to come to mind. That was the idea behind the boat anyway, although it looks a bit more mean now. Yesterday I was struggling to get more quality into my ideas/sketches – to find the good mix of form and functionality that is great design. I noticed that I am not good enough at considering the whole when I do each detail. Eventually, I realized I had to step back and reevaluate my direction. Now I think I have to change my approach, because working too hard on one single design is probably not what will make a designer out of me. I think I need to differentiate, and start sketching different boats, different vehicles, furniture, buildings etc. Just having fun with it! Then, when I come back to this design I am sure I will have some new energy and better ideas!

A plus right now is that I have broken a new barrier – I posted something I was unhappy with. That will help me to be more open and get more feedback going forward.



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