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Sjøen for alle – Norwegian boat show

April 23, 2012

One of the highlights of the last month was “Sjøen for alle” – an indoor boat show at Lillestrøm near Oslo. Since I have never been interested in boats before this project, it was my first ever boat show. My colleague Frank took me to the show and treated me to the ticket. I had great fun, of course, and took the opportunity to go aboard most of the 30+ft models (excepts the sailboats, sadly). Not just see, but touch and feel some as well! I made many observations, and one big realisation for my visualization work. Here are some of the highlights for me:

  • The Targa 32 felt and looked super sturdy and had wooden details of the firm and massive sort. One of the most high quality impressions of the show.
  • I got to see (but not touch!) a Riva up close!
  • Windys 40 foot sportscruiser “Maestro” had interior design and finish looking on par with the new Princess/Fairline/Sunseeker models.
  • I really liked the Marex 37. So spacious! And nice looking interior throughout.
  • Askeladden P80 weekend seemed like one of the best buys. Low price, nice pilothouse and seemingly high build quality.

As a complete boating newbie with no experience, I probably focused more on aesthetics than practicality. But I did notice one thing. There seemed to be a lot of difference in build quality. Especially in the daycruisers of the show. One of the worse examples was a boat where the deck glue laid thick and visible around the edges of the decking. What I found strange about it was that boats of similar size and spec were usually equal in price – apparent difference in quality notwithstanding. Therefore the Askeladden P80 weekend was very nice – it seemed cheap for its size, spec and accomodations, and looked and felt very well made.

At closing time I gathered brochures from many of the interesting brands. I became almost euphoric when the Ferretti group reps – Dreamline yachts – bestowed upon me four of their books. Windys brochures were nice, sure, and so were Aqaudors. But these BOOKS, one each for Pershing 2011, Mochi craft 2011, Ferretti 2011 and Riva 2011, are in a legaue of their own. Fantastic full page photography throughout… And I probably carried quite a bit more than my allowance of cabin luggage.

And the big realisation? That will be in my next post:)


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