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On top of modelling things

April 23, 2012

I actually realized something about 3D modelling at the boat show. Since the “3D Modelling is HARD” blog post back in March, I have worked hard to learn proper sub division surface 3D modelling. While I am not nearly at a professional level, I feel that I have learned a lot and feel much more on top of 3D modelling now. That’s great!

But what is not so great is the big realization: Boats, and especially complex fiberglass models, consist of far too many smoothly connected curves and shapes to be 3D modeled efficiently to photoreal quality the way I have just learned. I am going to have to learn a quicker route, and I suspect that might be to do nurbs modelling with software like Rhino.

Still, the ongoing Jay Benford models will be finished using the old techniques. Enclosed you can see some simple renders and wireframe pictures of the two I am working on, in the current state. The most complete of the two is obviously the one I fought with to learn 3D modelling. My 3D professional friend Thomas has given me many compliments for it. While it is probably not as good as he could have made it, I am proud of it. Proud because I managed to make an almost completely interconnected one piece hull and superstructure. Not because I would need to do that to visualize this steel ship, but because I might have if it was made of fibreglass.

So next up is more modelling, then some modelling, then even some more modelling before I hopefully will be able to take up both texturing and rendering during the summer. Still planning to stay with these Benford models for a while before I get back to MV Julie.


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