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3D Modelling is HARD

March 4, 2012

A couple of weeks back I got some great guidance from my friend Thomas Berg. He rocks at 3D modelling, and I wanted to check out how I was doing. I got some great tips and started (almost) from scratch on one of the Jay Benford boats I have been modelling. Here is a work in progress shot of that one.

And something for MV Julie herself: I came across a great swedish magazine called “Klassiska båtar” (classic boats) and bought a couple of issues. One of the things I got out of that was a plan for the second of the two tenders MV Julie will carry on davits amidships. I already have a basic model of one of them, as you can see in the first screenshot on this blog. It is supposed to be a battery powered launch and operate at low speeds. Perfect for the sort of cruises I imagine myself doing on a calm summer day:)

In the swedish magazine, however, I found the sort of design I needed for the other tender. With one slow tender I need the other one to be fast, and a classic planing wooden runabout looks perfect! The only criteria was that it was narrow beamed enough to fit on the side of MV Julie, and one of the runabouts features in the magazine was. This might seem silly, but since I have very little prior knowledge of such things and only found wide beamed speedboats, I had thought that it could be hard to make a suitable high speed tender… But now I know otherwise. The Wikipedia site on runabouts has pictures of many different designs, and is worth checking out:



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