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January 18, 2012

Behind the scenes, the process is progressing slowly. There is so much in my mind I would like to show. But I have to get it down on paper first. Explore it, find out if I like it or not, and then share it. So what I need is to be able to draw. I am not very good at it, and the more I study all my other fields of interest, the more I come to realize that drawing is the key to everything. Therefore I am focusing og getting through this book: Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. So far I am liking it quite a bit! I will even start doing short drawing excercises occasionally at my dayjob, as I believe it will help me remain calm and focused.

But back to the yacht: I have of course not set it aside.  A realization dawned on me: I need to think of the way one will progress through its different compartments. Comparable to the “use cases” of software development, I need to define stories for the use of the yacht. For owner, crews and guests alike. And I start with the entrance. If the entrance is dark, cramped and impractical, it hurts the first impression of everyone and every story suffers. This realization has made me change a few things, and get some great new ideas! More will follow.


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