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Welcome to the M/V Julie webpage

December 22, 2011

I am designing a super yacht – of the virtual kind. It started as a creative endeavour to explore a dream and build skills in one of my favourite subjects: 3D visualization. But why visualize something I don’t like the look and function of? I soon realized that a mammoth design project was born. And I am loving it!

Today, 23rd december 2011, I am very happy to present the first pictures from my work. What you see is the mock-up model I have used to block in most exterior and interior features. Even though it is a mock-up, it does show the shape of the hull and superstructure as it will be when completed. And then I have added some details for presentations sake. Windows look good, sun deck rails don’t look good.

The end product will be a complete presentation of the yacht with extruded layouts, and photoreal stills of the exterior and most compartments. Perhaps even videos with visual effects (another one of the crafts I study) so you can see my yacht crewed by real people!

The idea for MV Julie is a yacht with classic lines. Inspired by classic yachts and early 20th century warships, the yacht will have 3 enclosed decks and a sun deck. The length is 50 meters and the beam just under 10 meters. The interior arrangements will reflect what I would have chosen for a yacht to entertain me and my friends.


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  1. tom gilb permalink

    good fun, let me know when you are further down the road!

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